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Bayside Mediation & Strategies uses facilitation, conflict coaching, mediation, co-mediation, collaborative law and arbitration as alternatives to resolving any disputes.

Your inquiries are confidential and free of charge:

  • to assess if we are able to assist you with your dispute;
  • to work through which dispute resolution process might be the best one for your situation; and
  • for you to establish if we are right for you.

Out of Court Resolution:

Whether you’re having problems with a business partner, director, or another business, disputes can be expensive, time consuming, and emotionally fraught. Bringing in an impartial third party like Bayside Mediation will help you work through issues and grievances and reach consensus – without involving the courts.  We work with you and your support people or your lawyer, if you choose to have them present.

For large or complex commercial disputes or those disputes involving an off-shore business, a co-mediation model using a Barrister and an Accountant can be chosen at Bayside Mediation & Strategies.


Sometimes, you don’t need formal mediation, you just need a neutral party to facilitate or Chair meetings and help direct discussions. Our facilitation service is about keeping potentially difficult meetings on track, giving everyone a chance to have their voice heard, and making sure discussions are on topic and productive.

Family Disputes:

There’s more to life than business. Issues like dealing with aging parents, estates and wills, and childcare, parenting and relationship property disagreements can destroy relationships and tear families apart. At Bayside, we’re experienced and accredited mediators and family dispute mediators (for Parenting Plans), so we can help you resolve contentious issues between families calmly and successfully.

If you’re finding it difficult to resolve a personal or business dispute, get in touch for help.


Invoices are issued when the service is booked.  Our terms are that invoices must be paid in full with the money deposited into Bayside Mediation & Strategies bank account at least 2 working days before the meeting takes place, or the meeting will be rescheduled by the mediator via text, email or phone.

We will advise you of an estimate of the fees at the time of your inquiry, which will later be confirmed in writing before we ask you to commit to the process you have selected.  For dispute resolution the fees and costs are usually split evenly between the parties, unless you all agree otherwise.  Our fees are usually provided as an hourly rate.  We will charge the agreed hourly rate to cover all time spent in preparation and all other aspects involved of the dispute resolution service you agree to.   

Dispute Resolution Media Used:

At Bayside Mediation & Strategies, we are able to provide alternative dispute resolution services using traditional face-to-face meetings, or for those disputes where the parties are in different locations, or for other reasons, we are also able to provide the following service options:

Telephone Mediation

At Bayside Mediation & Strategies we are able to offer a telephone mediation service using the latest VOIP technology for those situations where meeting face to face is costly and time-consuming in travel time. This works really well where parties do not have access to the internet for a skype mediation.

Skype Mediation

We offer skype mediation services to enable a mediation to take place where the parties are in different locations and it is difficult, time consuming and costly to get the parties in the same location. This service requires for all parties to have a working skype account, fully functioning computer and reliable internet access.