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Strategies for Success
Sorting out the issues before they arise

Prevention Strategies:

If you’re making a big life change like starting a business, growing a business, exiting a business, getting married, or having children, you can help avoid future issues by setting up agreed processes and personal boundaries while everyone is level headed and rational. We help you have discussions on these difficult topics. We work with you and your lawyer and other professional advisors to ensure your plans are exactly as you agree and intend for them to be as your plans are put into action and lived out.

If your family or business relationships are currently strained or dysfunctional, all is not lost!  We can provide you with a process to help get everyone and everything back in alignment and on the same page.

Anyone is able to make inquiries directly with us, there is no special referral process.  All initial inquiries are confidential and at no cost to you.


FBS Logo smallSuccession Planning:

Succession Planning is about securing the future of your business. We can guide you through a process to help you decide what options are best for you and your business. We’ll then support you while you put that plan into action.

Yes, Farm Succession Planning is included in this service.


FBS Logo smallFamily Business Strategies:

Family businesses can be difficult – the usual issues that come with running a business are complicated by family relationships and tensions. That’s why family business is such a big part of our work. Family Businesses are special as it is the combination of 2 systems, the family system and a business system.  We can work with you to establish appropriate boundaries and rules, whether you’ve just started working with family or have been in the business for years.

If you’re entering a new life stage and want to be prepared, get in touch now.


We are happy to give you an approximate cost at the time of inquiry. You will receive a quote in writing before you are asked to make any decision to go ahead or not.

Special Note:

For Succession Planning and Family Business Strategies, this work is done through Family Business Strategies – a division of Bayside Mediation & Strategies. Family business is special – well we think so.  So much so, we have become members of the Family Business Institute in Australia.